The seminar program being organized by Rai77 LLC in California, The Chief Guest Dr. Banshidhar Mishra is coming to the USA

California 22 November


Lately, the interest for electric vehicles has been expanding on the planet just as its impact in Nepal. In Nepal, which had been endured by consistent burden shedding in past days. With the closure of the heap shedding, the electric vehicles are starting according to people in general in Nepal.


There has begun a challenge to get electricity Nepal among Big and well-known organizations on the planet. The Government of Nepal is also aiding the import of electric vehicles. Small vehicles, as well as huge electric transports, have been worked by the Government of Nepal, and the Nepal Electricity Authority is also taking the necessary steps of setting up charging stations all around.


While the interest and fascination of electric vehicles are expanding, the government of Nepal is shaken by the recommendation of specialists when nobody is focusing on the long haul impact it can have. The most serious issue with an electric vehicle is the administration of the battery after some time.


While partners are in conversations to take care of long haul issues, a Rai77 LLC company in Georgia, USA, is directing a Lithium-particle Battery Recycling for Sustainable Economic Growth and Saving Health and Environment of Nepal Program in California as a team with its social associations. As indicated by the organization Proprietor Ai B Rai, the Nepalese designation will also partake in the Program. The main visitor is the previous Health Minister of the Government of Nepal and right now Ambassador to Bangladesh Dr. Bansidhar Misra. this program will be working from December 6th  to December eleventh of 2019. The program centers around issues identified with battery reusing, its ecological impact, health issues, the potential for battery removals and the development of Nepal – US business relationship, said Rai77 LLC Proprietor Ai B Rai. Additionally, the Nepali designation will also Visit the different vehicle organizations in California.

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